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          Fan Chunhai’s Research Team Developed A New DNA Origami Cryptography

          December 02, 2019      Author: Fan Chunhai’s Research Team

          Recently, Professor Fan Chunhai's research team from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has developed a new biomolecular cryptosystem based on DNA Origami, which has surpassed the previous encryption relying on silicon based computer, and guarantees information integrity and differential access. The paper has been published in the Nature Communications, entitled DNA origami cryptography for secure communication. Doctor Zhang Yinan and Wang Feibo are first authors and Professor Liu Huajie from Tongji University is co-corresponding author.

          DNA origami is a technique for biomolecular self-assembly that generates DNA-based nanostructures through folding of a long "scaffold" strand with the help of hundreds of short "staple" strands. Its intrinsic nanoscale addressability allows the precise organization of molecules and nano-objects into complex patterns. Based on DNA origami, Fan Chunhai's research team developed a safe and effective DNA origami cryptography, providing a biomolecular solution to the high CIA demands for next-generation information security.

          The work was supported by National Key R&D Program of China (2018YFA0902600) and National Natural Science Foundation (21834007, 21722310, 21675167, 21603262), and K.C. Wong Foundation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


          Translated by Liu Yixuan      Reviewed by Wang Bingyu

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